November 2023.

Tlotlano Mokgatlhe, a determined and aspiring young student, is on her way to fulfilling her dream of becoming a pharmacist, thanks to a local scholarship programme. Hailing from Dinikana Village, North West, Tlotlano is currently in her fourth year of study, pursuing a Bachelor of Pharmacy at North West University – Potchefstroom Campus.

In 2021, she was granted the Zeerust Solar Scholarship, which marked a turning point in her life by providing both financial aid and reinforcing her faith in the transformative potential of education and community support.

“This sponsorship has not only eliminated the financial burden on my family but provided me with more encouragement to keep on going. It gave me an opportunity to fulfil my dream of studying at a university and expanding my horizons. I do not know of any sponsorship that is so compassionate as this one,” she said.

Tlotlano’s academic journey has not been without its share of challenges. She describes it as both “good and hectic,” with the coursework becoming progressively more demanding. However, her dedication and outstanding academic performance did not go unnoticed, which led to one of her proudest moments when she received an unexpected invitation to join the Golden Key Society earlier this year.

Her decision to pursue Pharmacy stems from her deep passion for understanding the intricacies of medications and their manufacturing processes. With her studies progressing well, Tlotlano plans to complete her Bachelor of Pharmacy and pursue a Master’s Degree in Pharmaceutics, with a vision of making a significant impact in pharmaceutical companies.

Recognising that hard work is the foundation to her good fortune, she added, “This scholarship h represents my potential and hard work. It empowers me to focus on my studies and excel academically knowing that my financial needs are being taken care of.”

This scholarship programme was created to provide vital financial support for youth living within a 50km radius of the Zeerust Solar facility, with the primary aim of contributing to the nation’s human resource development, particularly in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) fields.

“Our Scholarship programme is more than just financial support; it represents a commitment to the future of South Africa’s youth and human resource development in critical fields. Tlotlano Mokgatlhe’s story is a testament to the transformative potential of education and perseverance,” concluded Julius Nong, Community Project Officer for Zeerust Solar, which funds this programme.

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