April 2024.

Earlier this year, a special celebration took place in Zeerust, to recognise and applaud the exceptional accomplishments of the Matric Class of 2023, alongside their teachers and the highest-achieving learners. This event is designed to support the academic dreams of the area’s young people and to empower teachers to provide transformative educational experiences. As an ongoing initiative, this annual awards ceremony is a collaborative effort between Zeerust Solar and the Department of Education, aimed at promoting educational excellence within the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality.

At the event, the most improved schools in overall performance were recognised and awarded certificates of excellence. Additionally, the top-achieving Grade 12 learners from this area were lauded for their remarkable accomplishments with certificates of excellence, laptops, and tablets.

“Our commitment to education and the pursuit of academic excellence remains unwavering. Through our partnership with the Department of Education, we aim to enhance the quality of teaching, learning, and school functionality in the region. This event serves as a testament to our dedication to supporting the development initiatives that propel our communities forward,” stated Qinisani Siveshe, Community Operations Manager for Zeerust Solar.

The awards ceremony, a cornerstone of Zeerust Solar’s educational initiatives, aims to inspire and motivate future matriculants to strive for excellence and pursue higher education opportunities.

Furthermore, top-performing teachers were also honoured with laptops and tablets, in recognition of their outstanding contributions.

Siveshe concluded, “We remain committed to nurturing the academic aspirations of the youth and empowering educators to facilitate transformative learning experiences. As we celebrate the achievements of the Matric Class of 2023, we look forward to continuing our efforts to create a brighter future through education.”

The Department of Education extended its heartfelt appreciation to Zeerust Solar, presenting a certificate of appreciation for their unwavering support since 2021.

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