May 2023.

Community members in and around the Ramotshere Local Municipality area have welcomed the newly appointed Community Operations Intern, Lerato Seago, who joined the nearby solar project. She has taken on the important role as the bridge between local communities and Zeerust Solar, and is presently undergoing community-based learning – enjoying the process of gaining practical experience.

Hailing from the Dinokana village, in Zeerust, Lerato strongly believes in the significance of having a local representative in this position. She understands that to effect change, one must first be embraced by the community. With her roots firmly planted in this local area, Lerato has a unique advantage in connecting with the people and facilitating the much-needed social transformation that the community desires.

When asked about her aspirations in this role, Lerato expressed her deep desire to contribute to her local community and make a positive impact.

“I see this opportunity as a way to contribute and make a good impact in my local community and feel my skills are particularly well-situated to this position. I would love to be the change agent in the community of Zeerust and the surrounds, by helping community members improve their own lives and change their circumstances,” she said.

Lerato’s previous experiences have prepared her well for this crucial role. During her final year at North-West University in 2017, she worked as a Supplemental Instruction Facilitator. Additionally, Lerato served as a Community Development Practitioner Intern at the Ramotshere Moiloa service point within the Department of Social Development from 2019 to 2020. This experience allowed her to familiarise herself with the duties and responsibilities involved in community development.

She recognises that investing in education is crucial for empowering future generations and nurturing a prosperous community.

“Zeerust Solar’s Economic Development programmes have equipped Early Childhood Development (ECD) centres, as well as ECD practitioners with essential resources and training. In addition, learners have benefited from career guidance, leadership programmes, and scholarships. I am committed to building on this impactful foundation and driving Zeerust’s educational landscape to new heights,” she concluded.

Having witnessed the impressive scale and environmental benefits of Zeerust Solar’s installations, Lerato acknowledges the significant potential of solar power as a sustainable and clean energy source for the future. Motivated by this vision, Lerato aims to harness the power of renewable energy to help improve the lives of those in her community.

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