May 2021.

Tefo Molefe has taken on the intrinsic position of Local Community Project Officer (CPO) for the Zeerust Solar project, forming an important link between the solar project and the surrounding beneficiary communities in and around the Ramotshere Moiloa local municipal area.

Being a local to the area, Tefo believes that he is ideally suited and equipped to fulfil this role as he has the interest of his community at heart and understands dynamics of the area well. Understanding the issues facing the surrounding towns means that he can effectively manage development in a holistic manner.

He gives his mother credit for his desire to serve communities, saying, “My mother was very active in community development as a care giver and I grew up seeing her contribution towards community development projects including candle making, sewing, fence making and even building a community clinic, a middle school and a post office.”

Tefo gained experience during the solar plant’s construction period, so although he had previously never seen the power plant, he now fully understands what goes into building one and views renewable power as a key component in the country’s energy mix.

“Clean energy reduces pollution while on the other hand helps to ensure power availability. Additionally, this sector attracts investment which is important for South Africa’s economy,” explained Tefo.

Zeerust Solar will focus its Economic Development programmes on education, as well as youth development, health, food security and welfare. Additionally, a percentage of the revenue generated each year will be committed to implementing Enterprise Development initiatives, to build resilience and accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial businesses. This will ultimately stimulate local economic growth and create opportunities for the economic participation of previously disadvantaged groups.

The local communities in and around the Ramotshere Moiloa Local Municipality are the direct beneficiaries.  These include Ikageleng, Henryville, Olienhout Park, Shalimar Park, Welbedacht (Lehurutshe Town) and Groot Marico, extending to 40 villages located within the Municipal area.

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